What to experience in Hydra

  • To be on vacation from the very moment you set foot on the island. The natural beauty of the island, the tranquility and totally idyllic scenery combined with the absence of traffic noise - is so different that you can do nothing but relax. 
  • That it is in fact possible to dine out with small children - they will not get run over by a car or a scooter and they cannot get lost since it is an island. And finally - the Greeks love children and are used to bringing their children to dinner so children are welcome at tavernas and restaurants. 
  • To experience authentic Greek cooking - not tourist dinners and boiled vegetables. Hydra has great variation and even French fries are in most restaurants handcut and freshly made. 
  • Total tranquility and relaxation. No traffic, only mules and boats. Even bicycles and scooters are prohibited. But do step aside if you meet a mule, sometimes heavily loaded with stuff.
  • Dining out is still somewhat cheaper than Northern Europe, but not much. A family of 2 adults and 2 children can eat well for 50 euros. 
  • Lovely small beaches, a clear ocean, great snorkelling, fresh fish.
  • You will not be recognized (if you are famous or VIP !). Since Hydra is not a charter tourist destination, the tourist crowd is very international and not dominated by people from one country only. 
  • You will experience island culture, meaning that the pace is somewhat slower than in the major cities of Greece. You cannot rush things. It also means a great sense of security. Hydra has very little crime. Where to go if you steal something or commit a crime - it is an island and the talk between shopkeepers, port police, etc. move fast. d noget roligere tempo end i større byer og større turistdestinationer, og en stor hjælpsomhed og følelse af tryghed. 
  • Hydra has friendly and hospitable hydriots who welcome tourists since they are an important income.